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During the 'sittings' of the Norman Hunt Circles, audio tape recordings were made on Grundig spools which have become invaluable evidence of what took place, and present a most important record of the teachings and discussions. The Abu Trust have transferred these recordings onto compact disc for easy and convenient listening on any CD player and also in cars. This makes the listening possible for a wider public throughout the world. Besides the profound teachings from Abu, many others communicated and the tapes will hold the listener spellbound and will answer most, if not all, questions they want to hear.


ABU ... The golden link of love between the spheres.
We function like caged birds on this suffering Earth.
Physical death is the opening of the cage door.
The material is a pale reflection of the spiritual.
On the loss (passing over) of a young RAF serviceman.
A question referring to an elderly lady recently 'passed over'.
Appearance of Etheric bodies in spirit life.
Child Guides. The freedom of the spirit.



ABU ... Abu relates his own incredible and moving story from his life on Earth as a Priest in Egypt about 3,500 years ago when he was murdered with a knife,
his experiences in the Spirit spheres and his 'realisation', to his rising to the 'fourth heaven' or plane.



ALF ... Alf relates his very interesting story from his Earth days as a London 'cockney' to being 'killed' in France early in the 1914-18 war as a soldier on the battlefield. Then his experiences which followed in the continued world of spirit.



ABU ... Speaks of Man's Spiritual Evolution.
ABU ... Answers a question regarding suicide.
ALF ... Referring to 'the salt of the earth'.



ALF... A 'sorting out place' near the Earth.
ABU ... Values. Love in essence.
Speaks on 'survival' to two newcomers.
Virtue in effort.
Answer question regarding guidance for young people searching
for more spiritual knowledge and understanding.
BARTHOLOMEW (Physicist) ... Talks of his interest as a scientist in the Spirit World.



Particularly recommended for the stressed, anxious and bereaved.
ALF ... Encouragement for those in trouble.
ANDREWS... Talks of the meaning of Love in the Spirit Realms.
ABU ... Refers to bereavement.
ALF ... Speaks about his clothes, interests and how he spends his time.
ABU ... Accomplishments in Spirit life not always possible on Earth.
ALF ... "All will be alright" and sympathy for those left behind.



ABU ... Speaks of children 'passing over' and growing up in Spirit.
Answers question on marriage and birth of children in Spirit Realms.
Refers to ‘still-born’ babies. Sorrow on Earth



ALF... Speaks about Auras - Difficulties in Clairvoyance.
His occupation.
BLACK HAWK ... Spirit occupations.
ABU ... The bondage of the physical - Retrospective Healing.
'Time' in Spirit. Individualisation of animals.



DR.CHANG... Aspects of healing, including magnetic healing and X-Ray eyes.
The potential healing abilities of a circle member.



Abu gives a wonderful and extremely interesting talk on 'Spiritualism' in contrast to the rigid doctrines of the orthodox religions.


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