The Abu Trust was formed in 1990 to promote the profound spiritual teachings of Abu. Many others also communicated from the spirit planes through the fine mediumship of W. F. Rickard, to the Norman Hunt Circles over many years.

The Abu Trust is non-profit making and those who work for it, do so in love and service without payment. Reward comes in the form of satisfaction when those suffering through bereavement, fear of death and dying, and the many other earthly troubles are helped through the love and wisdom of these teachings.

The Norman Hunt Circle

Norman HuntThe 'Circle' led by Norman Hunt sat at Tunbridge Wells, Kent for 15 years. Approximately 12 dedicated members met regularly at least twice a week and tape recordings were made during the sittings from which a number of copies were produced from the originals. Rescue work, healing and communication with loved ones took place, but it is the profound teachings and spiritual philosophy which make up the main subject matter on the CDs being issued for general circulation.

Walter Frederick RickardThe medium W.F. Rickard (Walter Frederick Rickard known affectionately as Rick), was a most remarkable and rare type of instrument. He was able to 'vacate' his physical body in a state of deep trance, to enable the many entities to manifest through him in such way as to identify themselves. Rick had no idea or recollections of what transpired whilst in trance. To him it just seemed that he had been asleep. His mediumship is described in some of the very interesting CDs on the subject (The Abu CDs).

During the first two years, before suitable tape recorders were available, the communications had to be hand written and fortunately one of the sitters was Frances Attlee, a niece of the British Prime Minister, Clement Attlee. She was a fine stenographer and made very accurate copies of the proceedings.

The principal teacher was ABU (meaning Father), a name agreed and affectionately known to the sitters. His earthly incarnation allegedly took place 3500 years ago in Egypt, during which time he was a member of the priesthood. He relates his own very moving story and experiences on a remarkable tape now available from The Abu Trust.

Abu comes from a spirit realm far removed from the Earth plane often referred to as the fourth plane or fourth heaven. His teaching is a message of love and he conveys a warmth of love, compassion, tolerance and understanding.

ALF, the circle doorkeeper, also features on the tapes. On earth he had been a London cockney from the East End and died (passed over) in 1914 whilst serving as a British soldier in France during the war. Another marvelous, interesting, humorous and moving tape to listen to as he recounts his experiences. Alf was residing on a plane closer to the Earth than Abu.

Others coming through to communicate included Mr. Andrews (a chemist concerned with the workings of the circle, the mediumship and communication); Dr. Chang (helped with healing); Bartholomew (a physicist); Black Hawk (a North. American Indian when on Earth was involved with rescue work).

Amongst the many subjects covered and questions asked, some are quite complex. Yet always the answers flow with no hesitation in a most intelligent, logical and understandable stream. The listener soon realises the truly spiritual quality.


The administrators of the trust are James Webster and Shirley Webster who are also trustees. The other trustees are: Christopher Hunt, Hazel Hunt, Gabrielle Codd, Rachel Boxall, and Yvonne Dodd.


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