Abu Talks
Volume Two


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  1. States of Unconsciousness and Awareness
  2. A Personified God
  3. The 'Degradation' of Revelation
  4. Eastern and Western Religions
  5. Children in Spirit
  6. Education and Discipline
  7. Animals and Plants in the Spirit World
  8. Individualisation of Animals
  9. Warfare in Spirit Spheres
  10. Physical Ailments
  11. The Nature of the Etheric Body
  12. The Etheric Cord
  13. Bereavement
  14. The Act of Suicide
  15. Disturbing the Dead
  16. Hypno-Analysis
  17. Hypno-Regression
  18. Personal Guides
  19. Accomplishments in Spirit Life
  20. The Potency of Spirit Effort
  21. 'Concentration' in the Spirit World
  22. Meditation Prayer and Worship
  23. The Best Use of Prayer
  24. Conscience
  25. The Use of the Astral Shell
  26. Creation of 'Thought Bodies' of Independent Existence
  27. Transition from One Plane to Another
  28. How do 'Higher' and 'Lower' Spirits Meet
  29. Egypt and Man's Spiritual History
  30. The Purpose of Embalming
  31. The Sorrowful Planet
  32. The Butterfly does not Again Return
  33. The Abu Tapes




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