ABU_booklet2The Abu Trust has decided to publish Booklets rather than presenting a new third volume book. This is to enable and make available, transcriptions from original recordings which were not clear enough to listen to as audio tape cassettes or CDs, and also certain particular talks and discussions of special interest for those who prefer to read the written word than to listen to the recording.

These Booklets, we feel, will fill an important gap. Where applicable, reference is made if the extract is also available to listen to on a CD with the appropriate reference number quoted.

Booklets so far available in the series:

B1: Sadness Shed in Spirit. The Matter of Duty. Suffering and Inequality. The Efforts of Personal Guides. The Difficulties of Concentration.

B2: The concept of the Group-Soul. The Future of Man

B3: Nature Spirits and Fairies. Image and Actuality. Apports and Elementals

B4: Awareness, Experience & Knowing. Foreknowledge & Pre-Vision.

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