Abu Talks Volume One

Abu Talks comprises a rare collection of teachings, given to the dedicated sitters of the Norman Hunt circles, by a spiritual teacher affectionately known to them as 'Abu'.

Abu Talks Volume Two

Abu was an Egyptian priest when he lived on the earth plane over 3,000 years ago and met an untimely end by being murdered. Throughout the intermediate years in the spirit realms, he managed - by his gradual understanding, to 'climb' to the fourth plane of consciousness. It is because of his own learning and experiences that he is able to talk to us with such knowledge and love, delivered with such simplicity, that no one can fail to understand or be touched by his teachings.

The medium W.F.Rickard was another rare breed of man. His type of mediumship was neither sought after nor welcomed, yet he patiently allowed himself to be used as an instrument sometimes three times a week for 14 years. Rickard had no awareness during, or any recollection after, the 'sittings'; for him it was just as if he were asleep - with no dreams!

This fascinating book will feed many hungry souls, for not only are the teachings 'food for thought', but the questions put to Abu, by the circle members, are not the general 'run of the mill' type. Throughout the book it is apparent, in keeping with all great teachers, that Abu's strongest and greatest message is that of LOVE.

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