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The Abu Trust has a wide range of CDs available for sale. Details of all the CDs can be accessed via the menu above; alternatively the full catalogue can be downloaded and printed via the Place Orders page. The order form can also be accessed via the Place Orders page.

CD-series: Abu Trust CDs (Please contact us for current pricing)

    During the 'sittings' of the Norman Hunt Circles, audio tape recordings were made on Grundig spools which have become invaluable evidence of what took place, and present a most important record of the teachings and discussions. The Abu Trust have transferred these recordings onto compact disc for easy and convenient listening on any CD player and also in cars. This makes the listening possible for a wider public throughout the world. Besides the profound teachings from Abu, many others communicated and the tapes will hold the listener spellbound and will answer most, if not all, questions they want to hear.

    View details on Abu Trust CDs: 01-10 11-20 21-30 31-40 41-43

R-series: Rescue Cases (Please contact us for current pricing)

    Informative and helpful to those interested in Rescue Work and how a Rescue Circle operates Also invaluable for those wishing to sit for Rescue Work.

    View details on Rescue Case CDs: R1-R3

S-series: Reincarnation Reassessed (Please contact us for current pricing)

    Here at last is a definitive appraisal on the concept of reincarnation which will appeal to all serious thinkers and researchers, in opening up new dimensions of thought and understanding of this complex subject.

    View details on Reincarnation CDs: S1/S2

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