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Here at last is a definitive appraisal on the concept of reincarnation which will appeal to all serious thinkers and researchers, in opening up new dimensions of thought and understanding of this complex subject.

Reincarnation, coupled with the doctrine of karma, has long been a tangled issue probably causing more misunderstanding in paranormal and religious study than any other concept or theory. Its attachments are embedded in the Eastern religions of Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as Western occult studies and the Ancient Wisdom of Blavatsky, Bailey and others incorporating Theosophy; also the doctrine is central to Spiritism. Reincarnation has been a thorn in the side of Spiritualism and has possibly been more of a perplexity amongst Spiritualists as to how much belief, if any, is taken on board. The result being that a little knowledge becomes dangerous and confusing.

The Abu Trust have put together a number of extracts from the library of taped recordings made during fifteen years of sittings by the Norman Hunt Circle. The result is over two hours of intelligent and rivetting discussion between the spiritual teacher ABU and the dedicated members of the Circle. Sensible questions being asked and receiving profound answers from a teacher with a vast amount of knowledge and experience of the spirit realms, who claims to reside on the fourth plane, and communicates through the fine deep trance medium W.F. Rickard. In his wisdom, Abu makes it clear that he speaks only from his personal experience and knowledge which he shares with love, understanding and patience. It is this humility and honesty which marks him the great teacher he is. Amongst questions put to Abu include; personality and individuality, hypnoanalysis, regression and the pre-natal, the transcendental.

The CDs require careful and repeated listening, but for those who take a serious open minded approach, the reward will be a revelation. There is no doubt that refreshing, new avenues of thought will be opened up, which makes these recordings quite unique and provide a breakthrough of knowledge much needed today.


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