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Still guiding those of us in need after 3 millennia

 Abu Trust

Profound Spiritual Teaching and Spiritual Philosophy

Helping with lifes questions

 Abu Trust was established in 1990 by James and Shirley Webster based on the original recordings of the Norman Hunt Circles. Without the dedication and commitment of James and Shirley this information would have been lost forever the Abu Trust will be forever in their gratitude. 

Abu was the principle teacher from the spirit world who communicated through the fine mediumship of Walter Fredrick Rickard.

Abu was a guide and master teacher who communicated a message of love, compassion, tolerance and understanding of our difficulties and struggles on earth. The signpost is LOVE.

Abu was an Egyptian priest when he lived on the earth plane over 3000 years ago and met an untimely end by being murdered. Throughout his intermediate years in the spirit realms, he managed – by his gradual understanding, to “climb” to the fourth plane of consciousness.



The circle led by Norman Hunt sat at Tunbridge Wells, Kent for 15 years. Approximately 12 to 15 dedicated members met regularly at least twice to three times a week during the sittings from which a number of copies were produced from the originals. Communication with loved ones took place, but it is the profound teachings and spiritual philosophy which make up the main subject matter for general circulation.

Norman Hunt – he was a well educated man, meticulous in research who studied Philosophy, World religions and Art. He was a fine artist and architect.


The medium Walter Frederick Rickard, was a most remarkable and rare type of instrument. He was able to ‘vacate’ his physical body in a state of trance, to enable the many entities to manifest through him in such way as to identify themselves. Rick had no idea or recollections of what transpired whilst in trance. To him it just seemed that he had been asleep. His mediumship is described in some of the very interesting recordings.

Walter Rickard – was an engineer who loved playing around with cars, driving and repairing them. He was also a light aircraft pilot and did much work for charity. He was a kind, generous and very honest man with a warm heart, he never accepted any payment whatsoever for his mediumship, and neither did he seek fame, fortune or publicity.


 During the first two years, before suitable tape recorders were available, the communications had to be hand written and fortunately one of the sitters was Frances Attlee, a niece of the British Prime Minister, Clement Attlee. She was a fine stenographer and made very accurate copies of proceedings. Recordings were made, initially via a stenographer and later as technology became available via tape recordings (Grundig Spools).  These recordings have now been transferred to CD.

Just a few of the many spirit communicators that made contact with the circle

Alf Harris (soldier killed in France 1914) – served as the Door keeper to the circle on the spirit side of life.

Mr. Andrews (chemist) – aspects of his work with the sitters of The Circle blending the Auras and Vibrations.

Bartholomew (scientist) -   communicates about his interests as a scientist in the spirit world to the Circle.

Dr. Chang (healing) – communicates healing potential, psychosomatic s, magnetic healing and how the Etheric body works upon the physical body.

Black Hawk (Native American Indian) – a guide who took an important part with the Circle on the Spirit side of life, particularly in Rescue work.

 Abu Trust is not associated to any other spiritual, religious or healing organisations or none using the same name, the Abu trust is a non-profit making organisation in the UK only which owns the copy rights to all of Abu material both written and spoken, all profits and sales from Abu trust books and recordings are reinvested to help share more material of spiritual knowledge, those who work for the Abu trust do so in love and service without payment,reward comes in the form of satisfaction when those suffering through bereavement fear of death and dying, and the many other earthly troubles are helped through the love and wisdom of these teachings.
Copyright/Owner Abu Trust both Written & Spoken 1990-2019